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LINE app for ios/ iPad is a Social media application that is created especially for iPad users. The app allows users to connect and can share stickers and instant messages, get voice and video calls, and more!

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From your smartphone or computer, LINE allows you to call, chat, and send images to people for free, as well as follow companies and celebrities and share information with friends in a social network-style Timeline.

Line For iOS | Download Line iOS

Many messenger platforms were introduced with the LINE version for iOS in Smartphones. The Line Application is one such messenger program. The line version is designed for free world instant messaging. With the Line app installed on a smartphone, anyone may converse globally. The line was created by Naver Corporation in 2011. It's a platform-agnostic application that was originally designed for Android and iOS.

The line is a Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) that may be used to exchange and receive texts, photos, voice calls, video calls, and other types of data. With the Line version loaded, everyone can communicate with their friends and family from wherever. All of the features of Line apk are now available to any iOS user in the same way they are to Android users.

Line For iOS – Features

The line is a free application that allows you to message instantly. With an internet connection, you may simply connect with anyone in the world. The following are some of its features:

  • Free Messaging
  • With free messages, you can share and express your activities with your loved ones. To make your text more vibrant and fun, use stickers and emojis.

  • Group Chats
  • Keep in touch with your friends and family as a group now with the Line group chat feature.

  • Stickers and Emoticons
  • Make your conversation more lively and continue with stickers and send emojis. Express what you wanted to say with a sticker/ a collection of stickers available from the Sticker Shop.

  • Free Voice and Video Calls (Free)
  • Keep in touch with friends via free voice calls. Make unlimited voice calls worldwide. Call your loved ones at any time now with Video calling.

  • Share Photos and Videos
  • You could share any number of photos and videos now with the Line for iPhone. Click an image, send them instantly.

  • Timeline Page
  • Post all your activities in the timeline to get comments.

  • Line Out
  • Make low-cost international calls to landlines or mobile phones. You could even make calls to those who don't have the Line application.

  • New Apps
  • You can connect to entertainment and lifestyle apps with the Line, which will keep you entertained and add new convenience to your life.

  • High-quality calls
  • LINE is simple to set up, and you can use your phone number or email address to sign up (the latter option only gives you access to text).

    With the capability for group chats of up to 100 people and a large selection of emoticons to add to your conversations, text messaging in LINE is simple.

    Because the user interface has so many options, you may become disoriented and unable to return to the home screen or previous talks. This is particularly true in the case of Timeline.

More than just your average chat app

download line apk

LINE is a good alternative to apps like WhatsApp, Tango, and Viber because it allows you to make high-quality video and audio call on your phone for free while also adding features like time-limited messaging and a slew of related apps. Overall, LINE packs a lot of features into a single app that runs well and is simple to use.

The LINE Snap Movie feature allows you to capture something in a few frames of film, add some background music as services, and then share it with your friends for fun.

Download LINE iOS

More possible Services of Line's Platform

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  • Line News
  • The most popular news content curation service in Asia, LINE Ads-NEWS (free in English), is related to giving great content that enriches your everyday life.

  • LINE Healthcare
  • LINE Healthcare enables users to consult directly with the doctors through LINE (Free in English).

  • LINE Pay
  • Easily make payments online/offline with LINE Pay via iPad. LINE Pay is related to a safe (with a powerful) security payment system.

  • LINE Music
  • Listen, Watch and Sing along. LINE MUSIC is a music streaming service in Japan with over 70 million songs, both Japanese and foreign. Users can search for trending songs, watch music videos, and search the sing-along feature.

  • LINE Clova
  • People-Friendly AI that supports your daily life. Clova is LINE's AI assistant. It offers a wide range of AI services to help solve the challenges of life and business.

Time to Make Connections

One of the best things about the LINE iPad software is that the app line allows and makes it possible for users to call each other free of charge. It only takes a few steps to sign up and join a growing community of users from all around the world.

Interacting in New Ways

This is going to be a really valuable tool for iPad users searching for a fun way to interact with their existing friends and possibly make a few new friends. However, to use LINE for iPad, you must have an internet connection, and not all of the given line stickers are free to use.

Backup LINE Chat with Android through the LINE App


  1. First, open the LINE application on your mobile and select the “More” icon.
  2. Go to the “General setting” section, select“Chats.”
  3. Then you’ll see “Backup and restore chat history” at the top of the list.
  4. Select “Backup to Google Drive.”
  5. The interface will start backing up your history on Google Drive.
  6. Make sure you have an active “Google Drive account.”
  7. That’s it! You’ve completed the process!
download line apk for ios

Backup LINE Chat with iCloud through the LINE App

If you are a longtime iOS user and have some issues in creating a permanent backup of your LINE, then we can suggest a solution for you. It is important to have an active iCloud account, and your iOS must be version 8.1 or higher.


  1. First, run the LINE app on your iPhone and tap on “More.”
  2. Then, go to “Settings” and press on the “Chat” option.
  3. Finally, from the “Chat history backup” option, go to “Back up now” and wait for LINE to create the chat backup on your iCloud account.

Backup LINE Chat Using MobileTrans without iCloud

This app allows you to transfer or share various media files from one smartphone to another device.

Back-Up LINE Chat with a Third-Party App


  1. First, Download “Backup Text for LINE” on your Android device from the Google Play Store.
  2. Now open the LINE app.
  3. Go to “Settings.”
  4. Select “Export chat history,” and it will store your texts as a text file using “backup text for LINE.”
  5. Once the backup is created, you can export the LINE messages on your SD card or send them anywhere else via email.
  6. Remember that you can also filter out your messages, depending on your preference.

Since there are lots of facilities, download it for free!

Download LINE for iOS

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