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Anonymously chat with Omegle apk for android downloads

If you like to become spontaneous and loves to chat , then free omegle android application is the best option for you. Omegle apk lets the users to chat and video call with strangers worldwide without having to give your name and omegle app lets you to chat anonymously.

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You can have chats or video call about random topics that both you and the other person are interested in. An account is not required in order to chat using the free omegle apk app and also unlike in Facebook the users are not able to know the name of the person you are talking to. An invitation is also not needed to chat with the free omegle apk for android.

Omegle APPS Information

App Name: Omegle APK
File Size: 6.6MB
Latest Version: v4.3.1
Android Version: Android 4.0 and Above
Developer: Omegle LLC

How to chat with android omegle app

You do not need an account to use the android omegle app and if you want to start a random conversation you can click on the start button that is in the homepage. There are two modes in the free omegle apk as in Video mode and the text mode, so you can choose either mode and start chatting.

  • In the text mode , you are connected with a stranger via text who shares the same interest as you. You can enter your interests in the free Omegle app and it will match you up with another person who have the same interests for you to text and talk.
  • Any of your names will not be seen on the screen and instead of the names " stranger 1. stranger 2 " will be seen in order to make the conversation anonymous. When you want to finish the conversation you must click on the stop button and if you want to chat again , free omegle apk will connect you with a new person.
  • You can reveal your name to the strangers if you want, but it is recommended not to do so because of the possible threats that will impact on your safety. Use anonymous chatting for your safety. It is advised to be smart when you are chatting and to be anonymous by not letting stranger to know about your identity. If you uneasy or uncomfortable during a chat you can quickly stop the conversation.
  • The spy mode feature in the latest version of the omegle app, allows you to watch a conversation without joining it. So for example when you want to know an answer to something you can ask a question and watch how two random strangers chat regarding it. They will know that you watching and it will be interesting.
  • You can video chat with a stranger using a microphone and a webcam. Omegle app will connect you with another stranger with same interest and will let you to talk. In the video chat feature, you have the option to choose whether you wish to sensor your session or not. If not you will be subjected to explicit content from the random strangers.

Meet various people with online omegle apk

download omegle apk

The interesting feature about the free omegle app is that it gives you the chance to meet different types of people all around the world. You will get the chance to randomly chat with a person who is either funny or easy going , or an introvert person, or someone who just vent about their day.

Omegle app is an interesting way to socialize with people when you are at home bored. Also you can look for your loved one through the free omegle app. If you don't like the strangers you can switch during the conversation and start conversations to other people.

If you are feeling sad and need someone to talk , express your feeling with, to make friends or need someone to listen to you omegle android app is the option for you to have conversations. You can also get some advice from the strangers and may be at the end of the conversation you will make a good friend.

Download Omegle APK

Online Omegle android app is not suitable for children

The omegle android application is not suitable for children as the children might be exposed to adult content. Also the children will not understand the threats of chatting with strangers and they may reveal their personal information to the strangers by mistake. I children are going on omegle a parent should observe or educate them about the safety precautions.

Children below 18 years of age need to have the parents permission to go on omegle. Two options are available in the video chatting option and if the children are entering the 18+ section then a pop up message will appear to let them know that they are going to the adult material.

Fully moderated

Some incidents were reported of Cyberbullying in omegle previously. So a moderation team was appointed on omegle in order to stop such bullies and the team constantly checks the chat messages. But it is your responsibility to be careful while using omegle in not revealing your personal information to strangers.

Country and language section

As everyone cannot speak the language English it is good if you can have someone who speaks your native dialect. So omegle offers the country and language selection. You can be in india, china USA or anywhere it does not matter you will be able to find many people from your country and you can select any language as in English ,Hindi etc.

Download omegle for Android version

Omeglle apk latest 2021 version is not available on the google play store so that you will not be able to Download and install the omegle application apk from the google play store. You have to download the apk file manually and then install it to your android device. Also direct download links are available. So described below are the steps to download omegle on your android device.

download omegle apk for android


  1. First of all you need to go to your android settings> Security settings> Device administration> unknown sources and enable the option.
  2. Then click on the download omegle link in order to download omegle apk in to your android device.
  3. After that you need to save the file in the device downloads folder.
  4. Then locate the file icon and click on it.
  5. Then tap on the install option and wait till the installation process is over.
  6. When it is done you can open the omegle application icon and start using it for chatting with anonymous strangers

Pros of free omegle android apps downloads

  • Free app
  • No need to reveal identity
  • No need to set up a user account
  • Availability of texts and video modes
  • Socialize at home

Cons of free omegle apps

  • Contains explicit adult content
  • Easy access to minors
  • Avenue for cyberbullying
  • So open the web, download omegle for free and have chats, talking and video chatting and continue to make friends from all around the world

Download Omegle for Android

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