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Wanna get to know about line - the free instant messaging online application

Line is a communication application that can be used in all kinds of devices as in smartphones, pcs and tablets. The users can use this app to communicate using texts, photos, videos, audio and in many other ways with good quality with your smartphone mobile, mac.

line app

Line was originally created in japan as a result of the massive earthquake suffered by them in the year 2011 which caused the outage of traditional Telephone systems.

The line platform offers video and voice calls for free at anywhere anytime with the feature to add 500 friends in to a group call at once.

VoIP calls, and audio video conferencing are also supported by the line app. LINE application also supports android, iOS, windows and mac. Other than these a lot of amazing features are brought to the users by this free messaging application. You can use with your friends and enjoy the amazing features.

Additional information of line app on pc windows version

Version: 11.0.0
The developer: Line corporation
Size of the platform: 269.47 MB
Category: Communication apps
Compatible with: Windows 7 /8 /10, Windows xp, Vista, PC and Laptop

Line free on PC windows 10/8/7

Most of the apps that are available on the play store or apple app store has been created only for mobile platforms. Though there is no original line feature for pc, you have the chance to Download, install and use line application in your pc now with the use of the emulators and share audio video messages among your friends.

Key features of line messaging app on pc

  • Sticker shop
  • You can choose stickers from a vide variety of stickers and emojis that are available in this tool when you are chatting with your friends and family. Animated emoticons and stickers are also available for you to choose. The users can purchase stickers and this purchase happens to an account that is connected to other platforms. stickers which include characters from manga. anime, gaming, movies, Disney and Pixar are available in line communication app. There are also stickers from summer Olympics.

  • Line stickers premium
  • You have unlimited access to selected creator's stickers. The monthly price plan JPY 240 and the yearly plan is JPY 2400. When purchasing a plan the iTunes account will be charged at the time of purchase. The subscribers who are using line program for the first time could try line stickers premium free for a limited trail period and you will not be charged if you cancel your plan before the end of the free trial. You can turn off the auto renewal option to prevent your plan from renewing itself automatically. In order to view or cancel the existing plan you can go to the apps store purchase history from the settings in your device.

  • Timeline
  • The timeline feature in the line software keeps you updated about the special moments of the friends. Line users get confirmations of sent or received.

  • Hidden chat feature
  • In the line application chats can be hidden and also can hide or delete chat history. Hiding can be done from the device also from the server.

  • Pop out message box
  • Line messaging app has a pop out message box which can be used to communicate with your contacts. Also sharing location and voice audio are also available as a feature in line messaging app.

  • Bulletin board
  • The users can use the bulletin boards to post content , like , and comment on other people's post content.

  • Snap movie
  • With this feature the users have the ability to record a stop motion video , edit it and also add background music that is available on the line software.

  • Other services
  • Line software also offers other features like digital wallet called line pay, a news stream called the line tv and digital comic distribution called line manga and line webtoon.

  • Games
  • Not like other apps as in whatsapp line software provides games and these games have been professionally created and the users can connect with friends and compete with each other and also could send and receive friend points.

  • Stay informed with line official accounts
  • With line program you can connect directly with all your favorite celebrities and companies with the help of friending their official accounts.

  • Make international calls
  • You can international calls to mobile phones and also to landlines at a very low rate. You also have the ability to call friends who are not even on line messenger.

Permissions of line service on pc/ phone

download line apk for pc

All versions of the Line has access to the following on your pc or phone.

  • Contacts: Line can find accounts on the phone or device, modify the contacts and read the contacts.
  • Location: Line can get access extra location provider commands, approximate location on network based and precise location based on network and GPS.
  • Wi-Fi connection: Line can view Wi-Fi connections
  • Storage: Line has the ability to modify or delete the contents of your USB storage and also is capable of reading the contents of your USB storage.
  • Phone: Line has the ability to directly call phone numbers and also to is capable of reading phone status and identity.
  • Device ID and call information: Line has the ability to read status and identity.
  • Camera: Line is capable of taking pictures and videos.
  • Device and app history: Line has the ability to retrieve running apps on your pc or phone.

Download LINE for PC

How to download line instant entertainment app on your pc

Method 1

Download line program to your computer using bluestacks android emulator

The Bluestacks emulator is one of the best among the emulators to run android applications on your windows, mac os desktop or computer. Lets take a look at how to install line: free calls and messages app for pc.


  1. You should download the bluestacks for pc software from the official link or website.
  2. After the installation process is over you can open the bluestacks androids emulator.
  3. The emulator will take some time to load for the first time. When the app is opened you will be able to see the home screen of this app.
  4. Then on the home screen you must search for the google play stores which comes pre installed in the software. double click on it and open.
  5. Then search for the line free app in the google play store in order to install it on your Windows computer.
  6. Then click on the install button and line free app will be installed automatically on the bluestacks software. You will be able to find the app on the list of installed apps in the emulator.
  7. You can double click on the line apps icon are start using the line on your computer.
  8. If you have an apk file then an option is available on bluestacks so that you can import the apk file. if this is available you dont need to go the play stores in order to install the line program.

Pros of line downloads

  • Fun and user friendly interface
  • A wide variety of fun stickers and emoticons
  • Can be used as a digital wallet for in -app purchases

Cons of line message platform

  • Not much popular among other countries in the world other than japan
  • A lot of in app purchases of the service
download line apk

Method 2

Download line services for pc windows via Memu play androids emulator

Memu play emulator being super fast and flexible has become popular among the users. Now let's take a look at the steps to download line: online chat services for your pc through this memu play emulator.


  1. First you need to download and install the memu play emulator to your pc through the official website link.
  2. After the installation process is over open it and find the play store icon on the home screens of memu play. double tap on the icon to open it.
  3. In the play store you need to search for the official line chat program services and click to install on it.
  4. After successfully installing you will be able to find the line's icon on the home screens of the memu play emulator.

Frequently asked questions

01. Why should I use line services?

Line can be considered as a fun communication program because of its sticker collection , live tv feature, and the friendly UI. line is very much popular in japan more than WhatsApp, Facebook and messenger.

02. What does not work for line?

Though line is popular in japan still it has not gained much popularity among the other countries so it will be hard for you to find people using line in other countries and there will also not be enough people who will willingly change to line.

03. How to uninstall fun line app versions manually from pc?

Move your mouse to taskbar at the bottom of your windows desktop. Then click on the start button on the windows logo. choose the control panel and click on the add or remove program icon. After that select line from the other apps and then click on remove/ uninstall. To complete the uninstall process click on yes option. Then your operation system will be clean from the line program.

04. Is line service free for downloading in to my smartphone mobile?

Yes, line's services is totally free. You can download this app from the website and get connected and login through your smartphone mobile and have fun with your friends and family by sharing quality downloads, photos, videos. So to conclude, line is a great messaging platform created by the developer in order to move away from the traditional messaging apps and to share audio, photos, video voice chat. So don't wait keep installing line and enjoy line's amazing features with your family and friends.

Download LINE for PC

Download LINE PC Free